Outsourcing your data management involves having someone external to your company look after the access, integration, cleansing, governing, storing, analysis and preparation of data for your business. These outsourced staff are often located overseas in regions such as the Kathmandu .

Outsourcing data management allows businesses to tap into a huge talent pool of experienced professionals with the specialist skills needed for this type of work. Businesses are then able to focus on the strategies that utilise data in order to propel their business into the future.

Outsourcing provides a huge data support base which your local team can rely on to achieve your company’s overall objectives. Data managers, data analysts and data encoders can take care of a number of tasks, including but not limited to:

  • Data analysis
  • Account and file management
  • Utilising data to provide business intelligence
  • Data encoding
  • Creating protocols for retrieval and storage of data
  • Defining data hierarchies and systems architecture
  • Data quality management and reporting
  • Scripting and programming data management tools
  • Data compilations and auditing
  • Technical report writing.